3 Big Ways Website Translation Will Improve Your Industry

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For higher business value, localize your website.

Communication is key in every business, organization, and industry around the world. With the responsibility and expectation of good communication between organizations and customers, as well as the increased demand for more accessible documentation worldwide, the need for translation and localization services has become more essential.

For some industries in particular, however, a well-managed and executed translation strategy can make an even larger difference in reaching goals around revenue, budget, reputation, and customer acquisition:

  • Tourism and travel companies
  • Marketing departments and agencies
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Legal services and law firms
  • and much more…

The Big Benefits of Translation Services

Businesses, medical facilities, law firms, and other professional organizations should be putting more of a focus on translation services. Reports have found, however, that most don’t feel they are accomplishing a translation strategy well, don’t have the budget for it, or don’t quite know where to start on the process.

To help out, we’re breaking down the top 3 reasons why translation services are a powerful solution for any industry, and how they can help increase revenue, reduce budget strain, and reach more people more effectively.

1. Get More Visitors with Search Engine Optimization

In today’s connected world, the Internet is everyone’s first stop for more information on products or services they are considering. When research is so readily available, people are shown to seek it out — whether it be on desktop or mobile.

If you really want to connect with customers, clients, or visitors, you need to be able to reach them in the right way and in their first language. In fact, Common Sense Advisory reported that over 72% of people spend their time online visiting websites in their own language — it just makes sense that they are searching in their own language as well.

Imagine this scenario: Someone in Russia types a few words in their search engine, “забронировать номер в Париже,” and are presented with a list of matching sites – all in their native language, of course! If your website isn’t translated into their native language, chances are that your website won’t appear in Google. This is a HUGE missed opportunity. With properly translated website pages to every key language, SEO shoots through the roof, and with it, happy site visitors and revenue. Translating your page, or ‘localizing‘ may seem time consuming, but benefits make it the efforts worth it.

2. Make Customers Feel More Comfortable Overall

Before a customer even thinks about saying “yes” to your services and handing over their credit card information, they must be 100% confident in the investment — whether it be for a vacation reservation, a medical appointment, or other product/service offering. In another Common Sense Advisory report, it was found that 75% of non-native English speakers prefer to buy products in their native language, and 60% said they “rarely or never purchase from English-only sites.”

Popular translation tools like Google Translate can lead to a lot of confusion and unhappy customers; where professional services and business are concerned, there is no room for the types of mistakes that these tools produce. Not only can poorly-translated materials insult customers and visitors, they can permanently damage the reputation of your brand. When in doubt, it’s always a better choice to seek help from a skilled website translator or team of language experts.

3. Intelligently & Appropriately Reach New Language Speakers

Accessibility is more important than ever — with the rapid growth of the Internet internationally, so too has the need for localized content that people in these far-reaching regions can truly understand. The graph below shows the most popular languages used online:

It’s no surprise that English is at the top of the list, but few industries have adapted to allow easy accessibility for all of the other most-used, most-searched in languages: Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, and many others. While these languages may not represent every organization’s target audiences, it shows the importance of knowing where your potential customers are and then optimizing for their language.

Beyond website localization, another way to transform businesses and organizations is to create other physical and digital promotional materials in different languages. Depending on the strategy or industry, this can include brochures, magazines, guides, menus, posters, email newsletters, and more.

Top-Rated Website Translation Services for Any Language

At Language Department, we offer comprehensive translation services with boutique-level care and a pricing system that always makes sense (that’s right — no hidden fees!). Our professional, industry-specific translation services are offered in every major language around the world:

  • Spanish (ES/LA/US)
  • Portuguese (PT/BR)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Korean
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Hungarian
  • Laotian

You can see the full list of supported languages directly on our website.

Interested in learning more, receiving a free translation audit, or getting a free quote for your upcoming translation needs? Please reach out to us anytime

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