How Expert Global Translation Services Can Improve Your Business

Business strategies are always in movement, shifting around as companies work to grow and develop into new markets. From governments to tourism, travel to the arts, and beyond, any business that wishes to succeed globally needs to explore markets that are different from their immediate environment.

Is your company making global advancements in an intelligent way? Keep reading to learn exactly how the right global translation services and translators can help bring businesses up to a new level of growth in an international market.

Why Are Expert Translators So Important?

For an international business, translated content is just like a shop window: if they aren’t appealing or transparent, you may not want to enter. If your professionally-translated content feels natural to your customer, you have provided him or her with quality, respect and trust even before they walk through the door.

It may seem like a smart idea to skip a translator entirely and use machine translations. At first thought… why not? Your company saves thousands of dollars on large amounts of content, and maybe hires an editor instead. However, adopting this kind of process is like asking hundreds of copywriters to write one sentence and then asking a single editor to put all these ideas into one consistent piece of copy; the editor will inevitably give up and decide to rewrite the content in one voice so that it flows naturally, frustrating him or her and missing your deadlines. Just like when you hire a low-cost, self-proclaimed translator and later realize that additional resources must be used for reviewing and implementing changes due to lack of safeguards, this method may prove to be quite expensive.

By directly entrusting a skilled professional translator and proofreader with the task, you save money, time, and a lot of peace of mind. The expertise of in-country and native veteran translators provide not just the defined words you require, but the cultural differences and nuances out of which any given language thrives and evolves. Native language speakers go beyond speaking in their language — they live and breathe its history. As organizations attempt to reach new markets abroad, this precise attention to cultural subtleties is crucial.

How Can Businesses Find the Perfect Translator?

Talking to the right kind of agency with the right amount of experience is the very first step. Language Department has been providing global translation services to companies spanning international industries for more than 25 years. With an extensive community of translators based all around the world, we provide international businesses with multilingual translations that are:

  • Precise
  • Professional
  • Consistent
  • Quality Assured
  • Culturally Accurate
  • Service Oriented

Our global, in-country translators truly get to know each business that they work with and, in tandem with the project manager, interact with representatives as directly as possible in order to understand completely the company’s products or services, purpose, intended audience, tone of voice, and even stylistic preferences and documentation. An understanding of these materials that reflect the businesses’ tone aid translators in adapting them to the target language’s grammatical and syntactic rules, and cultural conventions are key to the service we provide.

It’s in your organization’s best interest to establish a close professional relationship with our team of experts that know your target language inside and out. With over 25 years as a language services provider, we offer the expertise and help of global translation services to meet all of your needs.

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