The Most Important Steps: Translation Quality Assurance

Even if they appear to be small and un-alarming, errors and other mistakes that show up in your translations can be costly. When done correctly, by a team of qualified language specialists and powerful technology, translated content can boost awareness (and improve ROI) for your entire business.

Quality assurance is our first and top-most priority on each project, ensuring that every final translation conveys the proper message in the absolute best, most accurate way for your target audience.

A Solid QA & Proofing Process

Excellent quality assurance is at the heart of every amazing service or product offering — by achieving the highest possible level of quality with translations specifically, your business or organization will be well on its way to reaching new audiences in the right way.

At Language Department, we’ve developed a streamlined, 6-step translation process consists of 2 levels of proofreading and quality assurance before your perfected, final translation is turned back over to you:

  1. Project details are outlined with a dedicated Project Manager.
  2. Expert linguists are assigned to your project.
  3. The translated content is prepared based on your requirements.
  4. Your translations are thoroughly proofed for any mistakes.
  5. The consistency and complete accuracy of your translations are checked (and re-checked) for quality assurance.
  6. Your finished translations are finalized and delivered.

Using powerful Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools, our highly-skilled and trained language specialists make certain you receive high quality translations, by reviewing your translated content word-for-word in your target language.

Skillful Translators & Proofreaders

Every great translation naturally begins with the original translator. All of our language experts are certified translations professionals that undergo a comprehensive verification process, so you always know that the person you’re working with is a trained, experienced translator.

Our tried-and-true translator vetting procedure allows us to identify, and employ, some of the most skillful and reliable language professionals in the industry. While a single, solo translator can offer top-notch language services, they simply can’t compete with the complete peace of mind of a full, licensed staff of experts and a multiple-level QA process to boot.

Highest Translation Standards

Our thorough translation process and rockstar translation professionals work their hardest to go above and beyond for every single language project. We believe in providing the same caring, understanding, and diligence to each client and project that’s worked on to ensure that your organization’s message is perfectly accurate — grammatically, contextually and culturally.

With our own high standards for first-rate translations, a dedicated staff of certified language specialists, and a complete end-to-end quality assurance process, we aim to deliver the most meticulous and thorough language services every time.

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