Why Financial Translation is Vital to Business

In a globalized marketplace businesses increasingly need financial information to be accessible in various languages. Translating financial documents requires the skills of a certified translator or translation service to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. In the fast-paced finance industry, regulations change rapidly and poor translations could lead to costly mistakes.  In this article, we…

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ISO Compliance 17100: What Does it Mean?

Whether you’re a local business branching out overseas or an international company looking to increase your market potential, choosing the right translation partner is critical to your long-term success.  However, the market is vast with a myriad of translation providers offering an even larger number of services. So how do you select the right translation…

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Aussie & British English Compared

It was two centuries ago when Lieutenant James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks embarked on their adventures across the unchartered waters of Australia’s East Coast. In his journal, Banks describes seeing an unfamiliar animal “as large as a greyhound, of a mouse color and very swift.”  He asked nearby Aboriginal natives what the animal was.…

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