Beautiful & Untranslatable: Words from Around the World

While English increases in popularity, there are words and phrases commonly found in various other languages that will never be directly translatable. We’re here to celebrate these beautiful, strange, and often elaborate expressions that hold importance to their respective cultures.

The Japanese language is one with a rich history of storytelling and phraseology not commonly found in other languages, making it one of the most complex of languages to translate to or from.

Yoko meshi is one such phrase that holds many meanings, depending on the context at hand. In its most literal translation, the phrase describes eating a meal with a peer (similar to tate-meshi, which refers to eating a meal with your boss in order to become closer). In other translation contexts, yoko meshi can mean that you are eating and doing something else at the same time, as well as eating with foreigners.

See more beautiful, untranslatable words and phrases from languages all around the world!

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