Why Accurate Copywriting Translations Matter Culturally

It’s always smart to approach expansion into a new market carefully, and with a completely bulletproof plan. Over the years companies have, time and time again, missed a critical step with their copy along the way.

Accurately translating brand assets is a job that does not come easily to most. The ability to make sense of the meaning, while still preserving its core message, is incredibly difficult to achieve perfectly when approaching new cultures — sensitivities and faux pas should always be considered.


Cultural Brand Blunders


In many cases, companies have taken shortcuts with their copy translations, resulting in quite a handful of precarious cultural mishaps:

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When Pepsi entered the Chinese market in the 1960’s, it launched with the slogan ‘Pepsi Brings You Back to Life.’ Due to improper translation, the phrase was actually ‘Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave.’ 





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The Colgate brand launched its toothpaste in France under the name of “Cue.” Unfortunately, their marketing and translation teams did so without realizing that it’s also the name of a dirty French magazine.




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Nike was forced to recall thousands of shoes from Islamic countries, and issue a formal apology along with some other reparations, when a logo on the back of the shoes was discovered to resemble the Arabic word for Allah.





Choosing a Provider You Can Trust


Language Department‘s team of accurate translation professionals provide the amazing attention-to-detail, research, customer care and customized services to fit your project needs. Our copywriters will not only translate your words, they will also digest and select the perfect words your target audience will best understand. When required, our expert team of cross-checkers around the world will also perform in-depth cultural research to make sure your name, concept or slogan is culturally accurate.

By tapping into a community of trusted, professional language experts to research and produce culturally-representative translations, you’ll ensure access to highly accurate and meaningful translations for any language you want to reach.

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