Voice Search On the Rise: How Prepared Are You to Reach Foreign Markets?

We recently stumbled on an opinion article that considers the overwhelming importance of keeping up with correct regional dialects, specifically within voice searching.

By 2020, it is predicted that at least half of all searches will be made through voice. In short, accurately localizing content (both written and audible) that represents individual regional dialects is essential to global expansion, and ultimately, overall success in a foreign market.

We don’t voice our search queries in the same way that we write them. Across the board, voice searches tend to be longer, conversational in tone and use more natural language. For global businesses this disparity between written and spoken search language can be even more extreme, as written and spoken dialects are often diverse and distinct.

Translations can become increasingly complicated when considering various regional languages. As just one example, there are at least 11 separate regional languages used across China. And, unlike written searching where someone can adapt their question or search style more easily, spoken queries remain distinctly different from region to region.

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