Translate Videos Online For The Best Content

Translate Videos Online

For businesses operating in most major industries, video content is an increasingly important piece of documentation to help convey information, connect with customers, and communicate ideas more clearly. However, videos can only go so far as the language it’s communicated in permits — without acknowledging or addressing other language speakers through video translation, your content may fall on ears (and eyes) that don’t understand.

Translate Videos Online: Our Media Studio

Our studio facility, HenckaHontas Studio of Los Angeles, has provided our clients who need to translate video with multiple recordings and editing sessions since opening their doors in 2012. Paired with our highly specialized group of Film, Television, Media and Entertainment translators, our studio team is able to offer a variety of services like:

  • Audio Recording
  • Sound Design
  • Voice Casting
  • Editing for Films, Music Videos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Promotional Videos
  • Spotting and Subtitles
  • Subtitles and Closed Captions
  • Voice Overs

By choosing to work with our dedicated, post-production boutique studio to create translated video content online, projects always stay close and never face the risk of piracy — there’s a feeling of security that comes with knowing that the experts have covered every base, from industrial videos to infomercials, cartoons to independent films. We have assisted all kinds of companies and creatives, including independent film directors, production companies, and major animation studios.

Getting the Most Out of Video Translations

Often times, working with a sub-par translation service or voice actors will leave you with videos that are translated poorly — mismatched lip-synching, incorrect phrasing, bad regional accents, and even cultural faux pas can easily occur. The key to a great video translation? Great voice overs. In order to produce the best quality video translation, high-quality voice-overs are necessary.

Here are the top five things we always ask for to make the best possible video translations:

  1. A QuickTime video in one piece, with a continuously visible time code.
  2. Domestic language in one audio track, with music and effects in a separate audio track.
  3. A continuity script (in a Microsoft Word document).
  4. Proper delivery of all necessary assets (music, effects, etc) to streamline studio production time and ensure high quality.
  5. A proper window of time to piece everything together perfectly.

Together, HenckaHontas Studio and Language Department offer the most comprehensively-skilled team that can provide a competitive rate, fast delivery turnaround, and great video translation quality. With care and love put into every video translation, we’re here to apply comfort, quality, exceptional talent and dedication to every detail of every project.

Learn more about our video translations (and other services) on our website, or by contacting us!

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