Translators of Language Department: Meet Melinda!


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Meet Melinda in Lyon, France…

What is your native language, and which are you fluent in?

I grew up in France, and so French is my native language. Beyond this I speak English and Spanish fluently.

When and why did you become interested in translation?

I had the opportunity to live in Venezuela as a teenager, that’s where my passion for languages started. After that experience, I couldn’t choose to study anything but languages. And the translation path became obvious after my 5 years of university.

What is your favorite part about being a translator?

Speaking different languages on a daily basis and opening to new horizons.

What are the most important phrases to learn first in a new language?

“My name is ‘X'”

“I am ‘X nationality'”

“Nice to meet you!”

“Can I have a coffee/beer/glass of water, please?”

“Where is the bathroom?”

What is your favorite word in another language?

I don’t have one favorite color, singer, food or word. But there are words I like, such as “escalofrio” in Spanish, because I like the music of the word and I find it very visual as well.

What language would you love to learn next and why?

I am already intermediate in Italian and soon I will move to Italy so I can’t wait to speak Italian fluently!

I am also learning the French Sign Language and I really love it. It’s a completely different world, far more expressive and I like the idea of expressing things with the body as well.

Where do you recommend visiting in your hometown or city?

Well, you cannot come to Lyon without visiting Notre-Dame de Fourvière, basilica overlooking the city, then the Saint Jean area, oldest part of the town, the Croix Rousse neighborhood, the Confluence Museum

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