How can we help?

Think of us as your Language Department, ready to handle all your technical translation needs, including:

  • Technical manuals
  • Engineering texts
  • Technical drawings
  • Processes
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Patents and plans
  • Technical data sheets
  • Quotes
  • Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)

The translation of technical documents requires attention to detail. Every word, code, and detailed process included in your documents needs to be accurate and precise. Even the smallest error could end up causing serious repercussions. Translated user manuals and industry-specific technical specifications should not only read like the originals in the target language, but also be exact and suitably sector-targeted.

With a unique passion for the intricacies of language, dialect, and culture, our foreign language experts skilfully adapt any subject matter into your chosen target language.

By tapping into our network of professional translators, both human and hybrid, you have a whole support system at your disposal, providing accurate, culturally appropriate translations, quick turnaround times and competitive prices.

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At Language Department, we guarantee highly accurate technical translations, made possible with our certified native speakers and three-step quality assurance process. Each of our clients are assigned an account manager in charge of personally handling the budget and overall progress of every legal translation project.

For current clients, Language Department offers a vast Translation Memory of previously translated words and phrases to ensure consistency across each translation project. The benefit? Having fewer words to re-translate leads to real cost savings for clients with recurring projects.

Our certified, human translators are native speakers of your target language, ensuring over 99% translation accuracy.

Three-step process that includes quality assurance with no extra costs for most delivery formatting requirements.

Dedicated account manager and one-on-one customer service to ensure that the project is done on-time and on-budget.

FREE translation memory and ongoing discounts for clients with recurring translation projects.


You can trust our team of experts to deliver professional translations that effectively
convey your message to your chosen target audience.