The Rules of Good Translation: Top Service & High Standards

By now, we have all heard of the “Golden Rule” – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This rule of life as a whole is applicable to other, smaller areas of life as well; business included. How people are treated and the quality of the work they receive are the most important things that any business can consider.

Where translations are concerned, this kind of practice is especially important – too many con artists have gotten away with translation scams, and too many companies have been affected by the embarrassment of poorly translated work. For language service providers like us, it’s absolutely critical to work diligently for our customers and clients, and follow precise procedures and standards to ensure the highest quality translations are always delivered.

Top Level Service & Standards

Language Department was built on a foundation of strong values. With our pledge to provide unrivaled service – and to produce top quality content through that service – our main focus is on contributing the boutique-quality attention-to-detail that’s hard to find in a translations provider.

Because your success is our success, we work hard on a daily basis to maintain and optimize our high standards of quality. Our thorough translation process ensures that your organization’s message is expressed correctly, on-time and on-budget. With a team of intelligent, caring specialists at your disposal, you can be sure that every project is completed to your exact specifications.

Rules & Certifications

Armed with a dedicated team of superstars, our Translator Manager is on the front-lines for creating the certification processes and rules that make our translations top-notch. In addition to aligning procedures to the European Quality Standard, her role includes optimizing test processes, keeping things organized and making sure client requests are followed through exactly.

On top of these standardized processes, all of our translators go through a rigorous verification. Our vetting process ensures that our community is full of the highest quality language professionals.

1. Check (and double-check) industry scammer lists.
2. Review all online and translation directories (such as LinkedIn, Proz and Translators Cafe).
3. Request complete contact information, a copy of their diploma,references and up-to-date proof of freelance status.
4. Perform a phone interview for final verification.

Translation You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on being a language services provider who truly cares; one that goes above and beyond on a daily basis. As a small boutique, our aim is to make our clients happy and offer the absolute best service, even if it means pricing out special deals to get the job done! Just think of us as your global, neighborhood friend.

With high standards for high quality work, a strong team of experts, and certifications and processes to keep everything in check, we’re able to provide valuable, accurate language services every time.

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