Transcreation: Your Secret Multilingual Marketing Weapon

Transcreation is the method of translating the old, and creating the new. Literally: “trans-creation.”

Transcreation is not language-based, but culture and concept-based. It differs from direct translation as it focuses on how you wish to present your product or services, and adapts the message to speak to your target audience in their native tongue, effectively. This is accomplished by using local language and nuances to not only convey your message but maintain tone, intent, and style.

Translation vs Transcreation

What is the difference between translation and transcreation? Everything

Translation is the method of replacing word for word from the original text, with directly translated words from a new language. Effective for some projects in which you need source material translated in the most literal sense possible, like medical documents, or technical documents, publications, among others, and can be done using either human or hybrid translation

When thinking about translation, think of words.

Transcreation is best used for any global marketing campaign when wanting to evoke an emotional response from your target audience and really resonate with the reader or viewer. 

It requires the human touch. A native speaker of your target audience is the best weapon you have when creating a marketing campaign. Transcreation is finding creative and impactful ways to communicate a campaign in a way that resonates in another culture and requires a deep understanding of both the source language, target language, and their respective cultures.

When thinking about transcreation, think about feelings.

Don’t think transcreation is for you? Have you tried translating some popular slogans into different languages?

Ford launched an ad campaign in English: “Every car has a high-quality body.” 

Ford’s ad campaign in Belgium, “Every car has a high-quality corpse”.

KFC launched an ad campaign in English: “Finger-lickin’ good.” 

KFC’s ad campaign in Beijing, “Eat your fingers off”.

Transcreation: Adapt, Engage, Delight!

Do you have a project with a global message? 

Provide our language and marketing experts a detailed briefing of your product or service so we have a deep understanding of your requirements Our team will tap into any existing translation memory, and provide first draft on your newly transcreated message. 

Don’t get your message lost in translation. Language Department’s team of language experts is able to transcreate your message in over 60 languages, helping you achieve a successful and effective marketing campaign. Do you need the right tone, local nuances, and messaging for your next international project? Contact us for your FREE quote to get you started on your journey. 

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