Translate Your Website: 4 Efficient Reasons Why

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When the internet began, it was invented and presented in English. As a result, this has mainly stayed this way as users and their sites were solely English speakers. But what has only been assumed is that the whole world speaks at least some English, right? Wrong.

The English language is only native for a mere 5% of the global population and, while only 28% of the online population represent English-speakers, 55% is only available in English. English is a language that is taught from school worldwide. For example, 26% of the population of Japan, 46% of Italians and 12% from Pakistan all speak English. But what about for the people that don’t?

Here are some reasons why you should translate your website with a professional service, for the sake of your potential international consumers and for your businesses’ long-term success.

Keep Growing to Reach Worldwide Markets

Just think where your website is today, and where you could be. You can open up to a sea of customers from all over the world if you translate your website. Your potential customers might not be buying from you due to lack of website translation, language barriers, and translation mistakes. Investing in translation services is a financially sensible marketing strategy. Not only would you be more international viable, but your look will now be professional and automatically attractive to the people speaking those languages.

Wondering which to translate your website to? The official languages of the United Nations (UN) are currently English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. Having translation services for these languages just show that you care. Caring goes a long way!

Beat Your Competitors

Growing your business and reaching other markets will also put you ahead of your competitors. If a customer reaches your site and finds that you have a translated website, they are more inclined to stay, buy, and come again. In fact, 42% of users said they never buy products or services if the information is not available in their mother tongue. Strengthening your brand not only for that moment in time but for the future as well.

Localization is an important driver when it comes into the competition equation, website translation means the customer feels more comfortable to spend time on your website leading to more sales. For them, it’s easier to understand the product. A study found 56% of the world’s population spend more time on sites in their own language than they do in English. Localization could be strategically beneficial to customers in your market if you offer translation services abroad before they do.

Improve Conversion Rates and SEO

Your conversion rates will change sporadically with the right kind of translation. Visitor rates rise, offers become far more attractive, and the process of purchasing something will be far more satisfactory for your customers. All of these factors can be done a lot more quickly if you match your visitor with your translated website. Additionally, if your product costs a customer money, they will generally want to do some research first – make it an easy process by presenting all the information they would need in their own language.

On a tight budget? Translating the main landing pages alone could be enough. Comparisons across A/B testing can help you to determine this – monitor your translated pages against the ones that aren’t and find out if its worth a shot to translate the entire website. The personalization of native localization gains you more credibility, which can be tested with split-testing

Being multilingual, your SEO will automatically improve over time. Being tailored to the language being searched in, you will be crawling up the Google search engine stairs to connect with future customers in efficient and helpful ways.

Avoid Mishaps & Mistakes

Too often are businesses and organizations relying on automatic translation tools and online software to save a few bucks. What happens when you go for the cheapest option? You’ll get what you pay for — the same applies to when you opt to use a free online translation software. One Spanish website recently had text up on their website promoting the fans that showed up for an opening event. With the bad translations in place, however, it translated fans as “ventiladores” (the Spanish word for the fan with the rotating blades)… very confusing.

The mistranslations and embarrassing mistakes that are made by automatic translations show your international customers that you weren’t that concerned with getting the job done right. Your customers, both close to home and internationally, rely on your products, services, and genuine care.

Having a translated website is critical for any business attempting to sell products or services in multiple countries. The ROI is high, and it’s a cost effective solution to building an online presence by reaching them markets you probably thought would never be reached.

By breaking language barriers, a new world of customers can open up in the palm of your hand at a low cost that may surprise you. Want a quote for a high-quality, professional service? Contact us today for a free quote!

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