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Who Is Doing Your Translations? Why Language Department Is the Best Choice for Your Business – Part 1

translation services

In this two-part series, we discuss all of the pros and cons of choosing various language service providers for translation needs, based on a range of qualifications. You can find Part 2 of this post here

For many businesses and organizations in need of high-quality translations, it can often be difficult to know where to start. While the option to hire a freelance translator is always available, they may not provide as much precision as a larger translation service agency. On the other hand, larger agencies can’t necessarily provide the human touch that translations need and deserve — which is the better alternative?

Needs and requirements vary from company to company, and from project to project; knowing which route to take can quickly become an intimidating, resource-strapping activity. As a mid-sized language service provider, Language Department has achieved a “best of both worlds” scenario, offering the major advantages of both larger translation agencies and individual freelancers, with none of the uncertainties.

Lower Risks

With hiring large translation agencies and freelance translators alike, there are bound to be risks. With a big agency, you’re facing the risk of finding a lot of hidden costs, as well as dealing with a lack of one-on-one attention with the professionals who are actually doing the work. While translation agencies may promise certain rates and open lines of communication, businesses can find themselves with higher bills to cover and a messy hierarchy of department heads to pass through.

Freelancers may seem like an easy decision at first, but the number of advertised translators that are actually translation frauds is staggering. Fake translators steal CV’s and resumes from professionals, posing to be someone they are not, with skills, experience, and education that they don’t really have. On the other hand, if you’re lucky to find a professional translator, the possibility of them being unable to finish the job due to personal issues (even if remote) exposes you to a sudden scramble of resources to complete a project.

We are a service-driven, price-sensitive translation provider that guarantees experienced translators are on the job. While big firms have their Project Managers working overtime finding translators at the lowest cost possible, we spend our time delivering quality work.

Quality with a Personal Touch

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest of standards when it comes to the quality of our translations and services that we provide every step of the way. While larger translation firms can also promise the accurate work and stringent quality measures that we provide, we believe that the added benefit of a personal approach to both client and translator care goes a long way, and that truthfulness and transparency play a direct role in how a final translation is completed.

In using the services of a freelancer, alternatively, you’ll get all of the one-on-one communication with none of the high standards of quality set in place. When receiving a translation from a freelance language specialist, you’ll never know how good they are, or how accurate the translation is, until a problem or a branding emergency occurs.

Our Project Managers build real relationships with every client, and we treat the translators with respect. We discuss the project and provide the client with truthful expectations. At the end of the day, an identical content will read much better under our terms.

Head here for Part 2 to learn more about why Language Department is the best choice for outsourcing translation services! Contact us today for a free quote for your next translation project!

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